The Conch Shell and the Gods’ Decree

In the middle of Dvarsh, the heavens opened without warning to the voices of the Gods. The time had come, They announced, to determine the Elder Goddess Li-varili’s fate once and for all.

Remembering well Her time when She first walked the Basin of Life masked, hidden from Their perceptions, They recognized that the mortals who stopped Her from offering the Basin of Life to the Leviathan, the very same mortals who freed Her from Her imprisonment in the first place, may have more context about what She did where They could not see.

And so for Her good deeds and Her ill: the Elders of Lusternia wove together an enchanted conch shell, so alike those Her nereids favoured using, and sent it to the foothills before Avechna’s Peak where pilgrims gather to recuperate from their long wanderings, there to witness the testimonies of any mortal who might come forth with their tales of the Lady of the Lagoons.

Many gathered among the tents under the canopy of an ancient oak, there alongside Luki Bowtail and Tikina Brightwing, two pirates of the infamous Contelli pirate crew. Already the shell reverberates with diverse voices waiting to be heard, and still, it beckons for further testimony over months to come. Multiple testimonies from each witness might be spoken into the shell while it still lingers, just as the Gods decreed.