Anniversary Slippers Results

As Luck, the Luxurious chicken once more attempted to dissuade her fellow chickens in the Revolution from making use of her prize possesion, the Heel of the Creatrix, adventurers from around the Basin once more stepped forward in an effort to wrest the artefact from the grasp of the nefarious Henmother in a game of Slippers.

With seven adventurers putting their best foot forward, a careful dance of forward and back began as they scurried about to avoid the ireful gaze of the Henmother. While she put her foot — her claw? — down upon one after another, it was Elawienne, Lanyip, and Ayisdra Ysav’rai who would quickly pass off the Heel amongst themselves and evade her clutch for the longest, with Elawienne ultimately emerging victorious!

First Place (300 credits): Elawienne, of Serenwilde
Second Place (150 credits): Lanyip, of Gaudiguch
Third Place (50 credits): Ayisdra, of Hallifax