Anniversary Chicken Hunt Results

Soon after the start of the Festival of the Creatrix, Cluck, the Revolutionary Chicken re-emerges to declare a repeat Revolution of the chickens upon Lusternia.

Thousands upon thousands of chickens fluttered their way into the Basin of Life, cluttering the roadways, waterways, mountains, forests, and villages with their fluffy forms in an effort to set up a government of the chickens, by the chickens, and for the chickens.

Adventurers of Lusternia had no choice but to fan out and capture the revolutionary fowl. Nepenthe very quickly established himself as the chief enemy of the revolution, while Llani, Ayisdra, and Essoheli vied amongst one another to be the most agile chicken-catchers.

In the end, the following were declared the top enemies of the Chicken Revolution:

First Place (300 credits): Nepenthe, of Gaudiguch
Second Place (150 credits): Essoheli, of Serenwilde
Third Place (50 credits): Llani, of Serenwilde