Lusternia’s Seventeenth Anniversary Events

Lusternia turns seventeen years old in 2021! And, as always, we’re holding a series of games, contests and more to celebrate this momentous milestone, with the in-character celebration of the Festival of the Creatrix.

All contests bar the Great Hunt and Battlechess award 300 credits for 1st place, 150 credits for 2nd place and 50 credits for 3rd place. Great Hunt rewards are in bound credits, scaling from 500 for 1st to 50 for 10th in each tier, whilst the organisation that wins Battlechess receives the famed Chessboard of Libertas.

16th October

  • 3pm GMT: The Festival of the Creatrix begins, with the opening ceremonies and the return of festival wares.
  • 4pm GMT: Chicken Hunt! It’s like a hamster hunt, but in honour of the Creatrix, you’re chasing down chickens instead.

17th October

  • 6pm GMT: Slippers Game! This contest may also have a very special twist on it.
  • 10pm GMT: The Wayfaire Opens!

18th October

  • Weave: The Great Hunt begins! This will run Monday-Friday and, during this time, double XP will be enabled. Remember that for some of you this will start on Sunday already.

22nd October

  • Weave: Great Hunt Ends.

23rd October

  • 8pm GMT: Treasure Hunt! The first to figure out the clues, wins!
  • 11pm GMT: Battlechess! Each city and commune competes in this game to win the glorious Chessboard of Libertas.

24th October

  • 9pm GMT: Festival Quiz! Test your knowledge of all things Lusternian.
  • 11pm GMT: The Wayfaire and Festival close.