Challenge of War

The Trial of War met the early days of Dioni, finding only four teams willing to brave the Avenger’s promised tourney. Though much more traditional than the last occurrence of the Ascension Trials, the bouts proved no less intimidating, skilful, or entertaining for the fact.

The Hallifaxian team (consisting of Calioliahali, Fillirriqili, and Qillilitli) and Magnagoran Team (consisting of Ruiku, Malarious, and Zagreus) were the two to watch among the others, emerging victorious through both the first and final rounds of combat respectfully as they each triumphed in their first match before meeting once more in the finals. In the end it would be the Magnagoran team who emerged triumphant, and among them Ruiku who would claim the title of Sealbearer of War.

Congratulations to Ruiku of Magnagora!

The following prizes were also awarded:
Winner’s Circle (500 credits): Malarious and Zagreus
Second Place (250 credits): Calioliahali, Fillirriqili, Qillilitli
Runners Up (100 credits each): Thalkros, Freja, Lysandus; Alarin, Ashira, Romaan