Challenge of Nature

In Estar, the Avenger awoke to call all of Lusternia to the Challenge of Nature, the third trial for the ultimate prize of Ascension. Mortals from across the cities and communes ascended the mountain known as Avechna’s Peak to see if they knew the lands best, hoping to take the title of Sealbearer of Nature. After a brief explanation of the procedures, mortalkind was unleashed.

Time and time again, the race was neck and neck. Many were able to solve their first clue, but became stumped upon their second. Kaervas of Glomdoring was the first to break away, but he was soon challenged by Xiran of Serenwilde and Sulwh of Gaudiguch. The race continued, and then once more, several mortals found themselves vying for first place. Throughout, Kaervas continued to dominate the Hunt; however, soon Esei of Glomdoring found themselves in the lead, having completed half of their clues. Esei would be challenged by Ashira of Hallifax, and up to the very last moments, it seemed that Ashira would claim victory.

But yet, Esei prevailed and was able to take the title of Sealbearer of Nature. Congratulations, Esei!

Second Place (700 credits): Ayisdra of Hallifax
Third Place (500 credits): Kaervas of Glomdoring
Fourth Place (250 credits): Cheliyi of New Celest
Fifth Place (100 credits): Ashira of Hallifax