Challenge of Knowledge

In Tzarin did the Avenger rouse mortalkind, for it was the Trial of Knowledge that was now at hand. Bearing the honour of Inquisitor, Avechna began to ask questions of ancient and modern histories to all who dared to become the Sealbearer of Knowledge.

20 questions were asked overall, and in the beginning it appeared that Kalaneya of Glomdoring would burn through the questions with ease. However, soon, she was supplanted by Uzriel of Magnagora who continued to dominate the rest of the Quiz. Following behind him, Kalaneya, Esei of Glomdoring, and Sutekh of Lusternia vied with brilliance and startling memory, answering what questions they could recall about the Elder, Vernal, and mortal histories. By the time half the questions were done, and even later, when three-fourths of them were read, the points accrued stabilized into tiers that remained consistent till the very end.

Thus, at the endow the Quiz, it would be Uzriel of Magnagora who stood triumphant, his vast recollection of Lusternia’s histories and lore earning him victory. Congratulations, Uzriel, our new Sealbearer of Knowledge!

Second Place (700 credits): Esei, of Glomdoring
Third Place (500 credits): Kalaneya, of Glomdoring
Fourth Place (250 credits): Sutekh, of Lusternia
Fifth Place (100 credits): Shango, of Magnagora