Experiments and Revelations on Continuum

It was in early Vestian of the Year 594 that a lost Vhedrin Skytamer ended up before the Matrix looking for directions to the Continuum Biosystems Engineering Station. Negating the suspicions that he might be a covert pirate, he set to explain to the Skydrifter family – Qillilitli, Calioliahali, Fillirriqili and Azazilliy – that he travelled from far away. He had been invited to join a special research project by the esteemed Gith’axa Lars and Nix’ira Aalin for his extensive studies of exotic beasts.

Yilan Skydrifter first discovered the secretive Continuum Biosystems Engineering Station, where Gith’axa and Nix’ira were already well-installed, and offered to accompany Vhedrin to his destination. Soon enough, Ayisdra Ysav’rai, Lorina Trueflight and Zalan Shevat also found their way and gathered at the Station. Gith’axa extended a warm welcome, obviously pleased to see that Vhedrin accepted to join the research, explaining that he and Nix’ira Aalin were enrolled to study the pulsating core recently retrieved from the pirates and, of course, what ancient links it may have to Hallifax.

Nix’ira Aalin proceeded to explain that it was determined that this core not only possesses a life, but also that they might be able to duplicate it using the knowledge gathered thus far. Having since spent enough time studying the pulsating core, they have carefully mapped its blueprint while finely tuning the proper instruments to explore the minutiae of its inner workings. The researchers were very careful in their endeavour, taking every precaution to avoid disturbing the life within.

Continuum was chosen as the core seems to fare better while in its presence. The researchers performed an analysis with the assistance of the crowd present, to look further into what elicits this response to Continuum. This analysis showed that the pulsating cores hum in perfect tune with the resonance of Continuum. The intriguing hypothesis that perhaps they were native to Continuum was also posed.

Then, the researchers of the Collective proceeded to perform complex calculations and various tunings in the laboratory to edit the core’s personality traits. Vast efforts were deployed to successfully birth a polytope prototype named AE01 and to optimally influence his development.

After some behavioural tests, the polytope prototype AE01 was classified as non-threatening and safe to the Collective, and the proper documentation would be forwarded to the City. With a provision that future polytope cores should have as much incubating time as possible to fully develop their laboratory-tuned traits, an agreement to provide asset polytopes was arranged. Tuned for favoured personality traits and native to the Continuum, many citizens were entrusted with a new assistant who will assist in serving the Collective, while sometimes eating paperwork.