Whispers, Worms, and the Wyrd

It began with an invitation from the Silent Lord of the Glomdoring to the Lady of the Lagoons. Before the massive Master Ravenwood, Nocht introduced the still newly discovered Li-varili to the Wyrd and its inhabitants, whom the Goddess seemed both amused and enraged by in equal measure. Though the temperamental Elder gave no indication of being impressed by the Wyrd, She did hint at secrets learned related to many sources of power in the First World. And so, She and Nocht did leave to talk in private. What secrets were shared could only be guessed at based on what was to come in the following months.

Shortly after Li-varili’s visit to the Glomdoring, Nocht approached the dark commune with a task. “I thought it would be a fitting evening for tales”, He whispered to those gathered as He sat before the Master Ravenwood and began weaving something from the shadows themselves. They spoke of the Silent Lord’s past, the battles over the Eye of Dynara, and oddly enough – the Namiraa Trench.

As He finished His tales and His weaving, He gave them a net of pure shadows and gave them their target – the Mighty Worm Uskashyth. And so the group travelled deep into the trench: Xenthos, Tau, Evette, Illyria, Esei, Ethna, Steingrim and Gael sought to weaken and claim a prize from the massive beast. Though the creatures that inhabit Namiraa are strong and terrifying, the group overcame them and ventured inside the Worm, itself, to claim their prize – a poison gland overflowing with a vile, caustic liquid. Returning to the Glomdoring they turned over their prize to Nocht, the Silent who took it glady and vanished into the shadows with promises to put this poison to good use.

“The sting of betrayal cuts both ways. Beware promises spoken by venomous tongues. Guard what power you hold jealousy, for there are eyes ever-watching for you to stumble.” So spoke the Great Spirit Scorpion. One of many ominous prophesies bestowed upon mortals in the following months. Even the Wyrd began to reach out, a distant beating noise heard by those who reside in the Glomdoring.

It was a young Harbinger, Gael, that led several of those gathered in drawing out the words of the Wyrden beat. Esei, Evette, Xenthos, Illyria, and Tau joined the Harbinger in song and dance and dark invocation to hear the warning of the Wyrd: The Goddess Maylea would use the Eye of Dynara to paint more than the blossoms in the foothills to the north of the Serenwilde Forest.

And so Glomdoring and the Silent Lord prepared for the fast approaching day…