Portents and Homelands Sought

The portents were good.

Serenwilde had been wondering about the newest revelations from their prophecies ever since the wildewood Sprout Thornleaf wandered into the Serenwilde, accidentally discovering a new portion of the prophecy that the Sowers of the Last Seed put so much stock into. The verse was deciphered after much drunken insight from the Sowers present, Nialla and Galaphyrae, supported by all their communemates: Qistrel, Calfuray, Isser, Huskii, and Tyrus.

And then there was Chuchip, a Serenwilde spirit whose words to Tyrus, concerning growth unlooked for, certainly seemed quite promising.

Thus it was with welcome arms and high spirits that Serens greeted the arrival of Tore Niskanen from the faraway aetherbubble of Lyraa Eye Rielys a month later, seeking her distant friend Lanni Ahonen, who had settled in Lusternia many years ago. Tore, an enthusiastic and fearless kaelye, was led by Lanni to the Serens, where she asked them for aid in creating a homeland for the kaelye, a place on the First World where this race of splinters of the Goddess Kaenalye might dwell for good. For while they might live anywhere temporarily, this race of kaelye thrived best in a land most like their own, infused with the unique muku, linorii, and garosaurs that were their birthright upon Lyraa Ey Rielys.

The finding and creation of such a homeland was problematic, as some present still remembered the disastrous ecological effects the aetherbubble’s flora and fauna had on Lusternia some years ago, when the kaelye first became known to the First World. But buoyed by hints and promises from prophecy, Serens called out to One of their Pantheon, Maylea, Bloom of Serenity, for aid to achieve such a goal. Out of kinship and love, the Goddess agreed to try to fulfill the kaelye’s request, for Lady Kaenalye was Her Sister, and Their bond ran old and deep.

To change the character of a land, however, was beyond the meagre powers of a single Fourth Circle Goddess. As She made it clear to the inhabitants of Serenwilde and Her own beloved followers, Maylea had to use the Eye of Dynara, which She had wrested from the clutches of Nocht, the Silent, some years ago. Beyond that, She also had to have the support of all who were of Serenwilde. To wield the Eye alone for such a big endeavour was to invite disaster. As they spoke, a nereid named Oinone listened with interest on the conversation, trying her hardest to learn more from a young Seren named Vembral, but Vembral would not elaborate.

So Serens began preparing for this momentous occasion. Each month, Tore Niskanen was taken on tour by Serens to nearby areas, trying to find a suitable location that was safe, empty, and ripe for creation of the kaelye homeland. Aubrey, Tyrus, Galaphyrae, Nialla, Xiran, and Huskii all took their turns guiding the curious and bold kaelye, across hills and mountains, over grasslands and meadows, down into valleys, and even the ruined tar pits east of Serenwilde.

While the search occurred, a tip from an unnamed source led Serens Tyrus, Huskii, and Xiran to labouriously seek further words of prophecy from the Daughter of the Rivers. And what she uttered was something different altogether from the previous portents. And none could make out what it meant:

“All is drenched in sorrow as the Sister weeps, startled awake to a cruel nightmare she knows not how to end. Forget and return to slumber, for there is no joy in waking here.”

Nonetheless, the preparations continued. The kaelye selected a location in the northern hills of Serenwilde, and Lady Maylea was called to inspect the location. A date was set for the ritual itself, midsummer, 9 Dvarsh 592, to much jubilation and expectation of Tore Niskanen, and the Goddess planned to infuse the hills with the essence of Kaenalye through samples brought from Lyraa Ey Rielys. Again, She told the Serens, She must use the Eye of Dynara, and She could not do it alone.

With bated breath those of Serenwilde waited for the day, planning in ritual and in deep devotion ways to support the Lady Maylea in the creation of the kaelye homeland.

The portents were good, right?