Calling for Guides

We are again calling for applications for the selection of Guides (HELP GUIDES). To be a successful addition to the team, you must be able to kindly provide assistance to newbies while maintaining a truly separate persona, acting in service to all players regardless of you and your own character’s histories, biases, and preferences. Guides should be non-novices who are knowledgeable about the realms and can dedicate at least three hours (180 minutes) of service as a guide per real life week.

Note that We will be heavily evaluating your ability to deliver a high quality level of customer service in the role as a Guide. Guides are expected to have the ability to work as a team with Us and actively participate and collaborate effectively.

If you believe that this is your calling, please send all applications to

Note, as well, that this is a paid position. You will receive credits for each successfully completed guide week. As such, we take your level of commitment to this role very seriously.

Application details

Character Name(s):
Real name:
Approximate times you can guide (in GMT):
A short paragraph about why you feel you would be beneficial as a guide (qualifications):

DEADLINE: Applications for this call are due by Sunday, June 6th, 2021 at 23:59 GMT.

If you have any questions about the expectations of the role or anything else pertaining to your application to become a Guide, please message Us directly.