Position Change

Effective today, Ianir is stepping down from the position of Assistant Producer and will be transferring to a strictly roleplay-focused godmin role. As his duties will no longer be player-facing, and he won’t have access to the same level of information as before, it will be an adjustment for all of us. We know you have relied on him for many things and leaned on him for answers, but there are systems in place to get that information still and we hope you will redirect your queries there. Bugs, issues, email, forums – there are all the right avenues – and Orael and I, along with many of our godmin, are in the Official Discord too.

This is a transition rather than a farewell, but you may not hear from him for a while. He will be focusing on his new role and the duties that come with it so please give him the space to do so. Emails to ianir@lusternia.com will redirect to support@lusternia.com going forward, and he has requested that we ask for people not to message him or attempt to contact him on any other platform with questions.