November Artifact Sale

All through November, you can buy artifacts direct from the website in the artifact cart!

Not only that, but we’ve added several brand new bundles of artifacts. All of these bundles are much cheaper than if you were purchasing them with credits. Amongst some old favourites, enjoy our three brand new packages, which are:

Package of the Devoted Servant
– Prove your devotion to your Patron with your shiny new Font (ashop 64), Symbol (ashop 89) and Mark (ashop 103) of the Divine!

Package of the Beastmaster
– Prepare your shiny new beast for the adventures ahead with this Beastmaster’s Collection. This package contains: a collar of the dracnari beastmasters (ashop 1), a beastmaster chemistry set (ashop 3), a neverending syringe of zimoru (ashop 9), and ten each of the following reagents – kikikoru (ashop 80), hemikoko (ashop 43), manokoko (ashop 81) and bromokoko (ashop82).

Package of the Aethercaptain
– Equip your Aethership with all you’ll need to take to the high Aetherways with this Aethercaptain’s Bundle. This package contains: an algontherine whistle (ashop 549), an anchor miniature (ashop 548), a cloak miniature (ashop 546), a wheel diamonut (ashop 544), a spider diamonut (ashop 546) and three lightning diamonuts (ashop 545).

All three of these packages are 30% cheaper than buying the necessary credits would be. Already own one of the items within the package? Let us know when you buy it, and within reason, we can trade it in at full price for you.

In addition, all of this month will see Shanth’s Harmonious Wednesdays – each Wednesday, your influencing attacks will be 25% more powerful!