Haunting Vengeance Results

The Haunting is the perfect time for a vigorous game of vengeance – the parlour game of deception and horrors lurking in the depth of the night. The game played at the Haunted House is set in the times of the Vernal Wars and tells the tale of the Il’eredir tribe of practitioners of hearthcraft who have been infiltrated by a group of conjurers.

Seventeen players entered the parlour and before the sun even rose, the Stalker of the Woods was found slain along with a conjurer of spirits. But it was a quiet day otherwise, full of mourning rather than accusations. Nobody was lynched that day but as the night came and went, the morning found one of the tribe dead by the hand of Crazen’s Chosen. The accusations started flying fast then, urged by the Oracle of the Great Mother.

A conjurer was lynched but in the depth of the night, the rest of them descended upon the tribe. The Oracle, the Boneseer, the Blooded of the Tribe – all dead. Those who stood by silent that day immediately caught the eye of those who remained standing and an unfortunate tribesperson has been lynched instead a conjurer. As night fell, the Keeper of the Hearth fell to the conjurers and one of the tribe to Crazen’s Chosen. The future looked bleak. Devoid of any protectors, the tribe stood defenceless before the Circle and Crazen’s Chosen still on the loose.

The day was spent arguing and with accusations flying left and right. In the end, the one who looked the most innocent all along has been found guilty, and rightfully so! A conjurer was successfully lynched and removed from the tribe but the conjurers paid them back in kind in the depth of the night. All was becoming too clear as the sun rose and a conjurer was quickly apprehended and slain. But it was too late, all too late. One of the tribe fell to a conjurer as night fell, and a conjurer fell to the madness of Crazen’s Chosen. Only one of the tribe remained but it no longer held any interest for the Chosen One. By nightfall, everyone who was left fell to the hunger of the Soulless, including the maddened killer, and the tribe was no more.

Congratulations to Khnemu – Crazen’s Chosen – who have been awarded the doubled prize of 300 credits for this spectacular and rare victory!