Anniversary Harmony Challenge Results!

As Hyuck, the Affable Chicken, seemed to fall into a spot of trouble with Trader Bob upon mussing the salesman’s wares, adventurers were quick to respond to a call for distraction. Setting out upon the Basin of Life, adventurers quickly set about wheedling, empowering, criticising, and more in an effort to buy the poor little chicken some time to talk his way out of it!

Though the competition seemed stale at first, Kaervas and Jolanthe were quick to set the bar, rushing easily into high point values as they attempted to take the competition for themselves. Yet as the three-quarter mark quickly made its way towards the half-way, Jolanthe quickly rose to the top as Sondayga and Galaphyrae stepped past Kaervas.

While yes, our adventurers certainly proved their harmonic abilities of influence – the true victory was that they distracted Trader Bob long enough for poor Hyuck to sneak away and keep his meager pocketbook intact. Congratulations to our victors!

First Place (300cr): Jolanthe, of Serenwilde
Second Place (150cr): Galaphyrae, of Serenwilde
Third Place (50cr): Sondayga, of Serenwilde