Anniversary Battlechess Results!

As Xuck, the Strategic Chicken so instructed a quarter of a day before the Battlechess tournies were posted to begin, each organisation wishing to participate within would need to declare a captain to champion their cause. On the 9th of Dvarsh, the fierce chicken called for the Basin to make their way to the Klangratch Tournies. However, much to his chagrin, only Sutekh of Magnagora arrived at the designated time to represent his city.

For a quarter of the day, Xuck called for more competitors, and at long last did Galaphyrae of Serenwilde arrive to offer her commune as competition. Satisfied, though only somewhat, Xuck decided that this would do and officially declared the match official. Though the game was ferocious, with the early losses of Avurekhos and Elarin both, Magnagora emerged triumphant, and claimed the fabled Chess Board of Libertas for themselves!

Well done to each of our competitors! The Chess Board of Libertas can now be found at the entrance into the clock tower within the city of Magnagora.