Festival of the Creatrix Now Open!

The Festival of the Creatrix has now been declared open!

You can find the lovely Agwesha and all of her wares upon the Path of Solitude, where she will remain as long as the Festival is open. Buy decorations, toys, and even the rare doll of the Creatrix Herself so that you can celebrate the Festival as fervently as it deserves.

Join us over the coming weeks for a number of contests in the Creatrix’s honour, at the following dates and times:

17th October

  • 8pm GMT: Treasure Hunt! Figure out the clues to find special locations spread throughout the realm. The first to find the final location wins the hunt!

18th October

  • 12am GMT (Weave): Chicken Hunt! It’s like a hamster hunt, but in honour of the Creatrix, you’re chasing down chickens instead.
  • 6pm GMT: Festival Quiz! Test your knowledge of all things Lusternian.
  • 7pm GMT: Slippers Game! This contest may also have a very special twist on it.

19th October

  • 12am GMT (Weave): The Great Hunt begins! This will run for one full week, and during this time, double XP will be enabled. Hooray!

24th October

  • 9pm GMT: Death Challenge! Who can kill the most in a single hour?
  • 10pm GMT: Wargames! Which team will emerge triumphant in this team tournament?

25th October

  • 7pm GMT: Harmony Challenge! Who can influence the most in a single hour?
  • 9pm GMT: Battlechess! Each city and commune competes in this game to win the glorious Chessboard of Libertas.

26th October

  • 12am GMT (Weave): Great Hunt Ends, and the Wayfaire and Festival close.