The Czigany Wayfaire Returns!

Roll up, roll up!

The Czigany Wayfaire has made its way into the Basin of Life once again, to prepare for the celebrations of the Festival of the Creatrix. This year, you may find the Wayfaire east of the Ackleberry Junction (note: that’s the Junction, not the Triple Junction!).

As well as containing all of the usual attractions, this year the Wayfaire are selling a strange new creature. If you feed them, they will grow up big and strong. Just be careful that they don’t eat you!

You will also find that the prices of Wayfaire beasts have changed. After conducting an audit of his prices, Jal Czigany discovered to his confusion that many were incorrectly priced – some being too high, and a few too low. No more! Down with the unfair tax upon poor, adorable seals.