Anniversary Treasure Hunt Results

A new level of challenge was introduced to the Festival of the Creatrix in the form of Buck, the Iniquitous Chicken, who devised a clever scavenger hunt for the inhabitants of Lusternia to undertake in celebration. By offering a toast to the Creatrix Herself at Agwesha’s shop, participants were granted a curious flask that when sipped from granted strange visions of familiar and not-so-familiar climes.

Though these visions – and perhaps the high-proof contents of the flask itself – caused some consternation among the participants, it quickly became clear that Kaervas, Luce, Zoraida, Ayisdra, Galaphyrae, Dys, and Vexacion were eager to take an early lead, and their explorations caused a tumble in the rankings as they constantly sought to outdo one another.

Their travels took them from the highest of mountain peaks to the darkest of subterranean environs, and after much searching, much drinking, and much fowl commentary from Buck himself, the winners became apparent!

First Place (300 credits): Zoraida, of Hallifax
Second Place (150 credits): Vexacion, of Magnagora
Third Place (50 credits): Dys, of Gaudiguch