Anniversary Chicken Hunt Results

As the Festival of the Creatrix continues, Cluck, the Revolutionary Chicken makes a return, taking the opportunity to declare a Revolution of the chickens upon Lusternia.

Hundreds of chickens flooded the Basin of Life in answer to her call, ranging from the humble brown chickens to the fluffy silkie chickens. They poured into the cities, communes, villages, and settlements, filling them with feathers and flapping in an effort to set up a government of the chickens, by the chickens, and for the chickens.

But alas, they were opposed by intrepid adventurers of every background, who ranged the lands to capture the revolutionary fowl. Some depended on their speed and agility in grabbing the writhing and pecking birds, while others took prisoners of war gathered by their friends and allies.

In the end, the following were declared the top enemies of the Chicken Revolution:

First Place (300 credits): Zagreus, of Magnagora
Second Place (150 credits): Ayisdra, of Hallifax
Third Place (50 credits): Eritheyl, of Gaudiguch