Challenge of War

There are those among warriors and poets alike who claim that the silence before a great battle is among the most delicate, yet powerful, forces that may exist. It was this silence that was broken by the arrival of Avechna the Avenger, offering the chance to mortals throughout the Basin of Life the chance to register a team of combatants for the Challenge of War. Ten would arise to stand strong and represent all corners of the Basin of Life, with harsh battles fought throughout. Among them Team Mutilation (comprised of Melech, Ixion, and Ruiku) would go undefeated for nearly the entire tourney. However, Team Equinox (comprised of Ciaran, Snald, and Tarken), a foe they had previously knocked down to the second-chance bracket would decimate their own competition and return in the Finals to upset Team Mutilation’s winning streak. In the end, a Sudden Death final battle between Equinox and Mutilation would see Equinox emerge triumphant after the most lengthy battle throughout the Trial, leaving Ciaran Pavok standing triumphant as the Sealbearer of War.

Congratulations, Ciaran, Bearer of the Medallion of War!

Winner (500 credits each): Team Equinox – Snald and Tarken

Second Place (250 credits each): Team Mutilation – Melech, Ixion, and Ruiku

Runners Up (100 credits each): Team Warkros – Thalkros, Malarious, and Shango
Runners Up (100 credits each): Team Aramel – Aramel, Kaizynne, and Kethaera