Challenge of Beauty

With draconic imagery fresh in their minds, the artists and creative visionaries of the Basin put their minds to the Trail of Beauty. The challenge was clear: craft an item capturing the essence of the Basin’s most recent legendary visitors. Only in this manner could the one worthy of the Medallion of Beauty be found.

Amazing creations both large and small have been crafted and sent forth for judging. The process was neither simple nor swift for many an amazing design have been submitted. In the end, it was the design of Coraline Myeras of Gaudiguch that won – a pellucid pedestal of Yugomaru achieved. In a fashionable mix of silver and glass, the pedestal speaks to the desires of Mature Dragons and presents the crux of the problem they faced.

Second place was awarded to Misericorde Coldwater of New Celest, for her translucent dragon lantern veined with silver cracks.

Third place was awarded to Aramel Shevat of Hallifax, for her shattered-crystal chandelier of frozen dragonfire.

Fourth place was awarded to Sapphira d’Vanecu of Magnagora, for her imposing crown bearing a smog-wreathed dragon.

Fifth place was awarded to Khnemu of Gaudiguch, for their shield of layered wings.

Though these five designs rose to conquer all others, the following designs merit honourable mention
for their craftsmanship and interpretation of the Avenger’s theme:

o Niralahi Coldwater of New Celest (a vibrant robe depicting a battle of water and fire)
o Yinuish La’Saet of New Celest (an elaborate shield enchased with brilliantly enamelled draconic figures)
o Vatul Feyranti of Magnagora (a queenly moon-silver ring of timeless dreams)
o Kailanna n’Kylbar of Magnagora (a scaled, semi-translucent pocket watch)
o Esei Shee-Slaugh of Glomdoring (a sleeping red dragon crown trailing sheets of silk)
o Kalas Vexacion of Magnagora (a skin-clothed chandelier of draconic remains)
o Vylasse of New Celest (an octagonal antique silver jewelrybox gripped by jewel-studded dracnari claws)