Challenge of Death

Some say that a bloody moon rising will be a harbinger of death. Yet the Challenge of Death would bear no such ill omen, as mortals spread throughout the Basin in an effort to further attune themselves to the Domotheos of Death through grizzly murder and brutal combat. The Wyrden Forest of Glomdoring would prove themselves to be a powerful contestant for this Trial, with Evette holding the lead throughout the vast majority of the Trial and Jaspet, and Kaizynne, close behind ready to pick up where she left off. Yet in the last ten bloody minutes of the Challenge, it would be Malarious who sprung from a close fourth to overtake his opponents, and emerge triumphant at the final moment. Well done to all who participated, and a hearty congratulations to Malarious, Sealbearer of Death who proved himself to be a slayer of illustrious renown.

Congratulations, Malarious, Bearer of the Medallion of Death! (4926 points)

Second Place: Evette, of Glomdoring (4743 points)

Third Place: Jaspet, of Glomdoring (4577 points)

Fourth Place: Shango, of Magnagora (4203 points)

Fifth Place: Sondayga, of Serenwilde (4190 points)