Challenge of Life

After proving their mettle in the challenge of the Seal of Nature, a far different challenge was presented with the Seal of Life: adventurers were tasked with the healing of diseased furrikin across the Basin of Life, searching far and wide for their sick patients in need of curing. Though many furrikin possessed the same ailments, their symptoms sometimes manifested differently, proving an initial challenge for even the most seasoned veteran to heal.

As many took part in the event, a heated rivalry began between Thalkros and Ciaran as they both vied for first place. Each seized a firm lead over the other, only for their pace to eventually be outmatched by their opponent, leading to a nail-biting finish. In the end, it was Thalkros who proved worthy of bearing the Seal of Life, having healed 54 diseased furrikin. Congratulations, Thalkros!

Second Place (700 credits): Ciaran, of New Celest (46 furrikin healed)

Third Place (500 credits): Kaizynne, of Hallifax (39 furrikin healed)

Fourth Place (250 credits): Brawrur, of Gaudiguch (12 furrikin healed)

Fifth Place (100 credits): Aramel, of Hallifax (6 furrikin healed)