Challenge of Nature

Following the quick-witted challenge of the Seal of Harmony, explorers from around the Basin gathered atop Avechna’s Peak to undertake the challenge of the Seal of Nature: a far-afield scavenger hunt across the Basin of Life for all manner of climes. The power of Nature manifested to this generation as a series of coveted dragon’s-eye emeralds, and the challengers swiftly departed with their newfound treasure to put it to use.

Though slow to begin, two competitors in Aramel and Dys quickly distanced themselves from the bulk of the other scouts. Their paths took them from mountain heights to subterranean rivers, and all manner of hidden nook in between. Eventually, after a long and enormously close-tied trek, Dys Mzithrei of Gaudiguch sped ahead and was the first to complete the long and arduous circuit. Congratulations, Dys, bearer of the Seal of Nature!

Second Place (700 credits): Aramel, of Hallifax

Third Place (500 credits): Thalkros, of Magnagora

Fourth Place (250 credits): Nepenthe, of Gaudiguch

Fifth Place (100 credits): Coraline, of Gaudiguch