Challenge of Knowledge

Following upon the Seal of Life, the challenge of the Seal of Knowledge gathered adventurers from all across the Basin to test their knowledge of many different topics. Though Qoivhae and Azula of New Celest held an early lead, they were overtaken by Afrit of Gaudiguch, who managed to maintain the narrowest of leads over Uzriel of Magnagora, until overset by a single letter, leaving Uzriel d’Vanecu of Magnagora to cling to the lead by the narrowest of margins, until achieving victory by three points. Jolanthe Myeras, Sealbearer of Harmony demonstrated her affinity for knowledge as well, and would have placed third were it not for the seal already in her keeping.

Congratulations, Uzriel, Bearer of the Medallion of Knowledge!

Second Place: Afrit, of Gaudiguch

Third Place: Ayisdra, of Hallifax

Fourth Place: Vexacion, of Magnagora

Fifth Place: Tsakali, of Gaudiguch