Challenge of Chaos

In the wake of the Seals’ weakening, the Seal of Chaos has come to challenge and now has found its champion first among all.

The day’s challenge was marked by bloodshed, as adventurers and alliances across Lusternia banded together to support their favoured contenders.

Tarken of Glomdoring was first to lay hands upon the Purple Hamster of Chaos, but Ixion soon took hold of it, and he kept it, against all odds for the entirety of the challenge.

Throughout, deaths abounded, and the ground of Spectre Isle ran crimson.

And Ixion still held, even when unable to do anything in the last moments but stand with his companions and retain grip on the Hamster. And so, he persevered and prevailed.

Your presence inspired the chaos of combat, Ixion, holder of the Seal of Chaos!

Second Place (700 credits): Nepenthe, of Gaudiguch

Third Place (500 credits): Tridemon, of New Celest

Fourth Place (250 credits): Ayisdra, of Hallifax

Fifth Place (100 credits): Steingrim, of Glomdoring