Challenge of Justice

Short off the heels of the Seal of Chaos being claimed, the time for the Trial of Justice emerged. No less than 26 competitors emerged to vie in the Trial, yet only one could emerge victorious. Strong contenders presented themselves throughout, but it was Aramel Shevat of Hallifax who would emerge triumphant in the first bracket and take the first position within the finals.

Yet despite falling to Tarken in the fourth round, Choros Shevat of Hallifax would begin to stride through the second, loser’s bracket: facing incredibly fierce competition in Jaspet of Glomdoring, Ciaran Pavok of New Celest, and once more the very same Tarken which resulted in his loss. Despite this, he emerged victorious and took the second place against Aramel, his own mother, in the final round.

With incredibly fierce words and arguments, family clashed under the watchful eye of Avechna, and Choros emerged victorious against Aramel not once, but twice, claiming the Medallion of Justice and the title of Sealbearer. Congratulations Choros, holder of the Seal of Justice!

Second Place (700 credits): Aramel, of Hallifax

Third Place (500 credits): Tarken, of Glomdoring

Fourth Place (250 credits): Ciaran, of New Celest

Fifth Place (100 Credits): Jaspet, of Glomdoring and Nelras, of Hallifax