Demigod Perks and Levels Beyond 100 Released!


I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the second part of the Endgame Rework that we’ve been doing.

In this part, we’ve added the ability for Demigods and Ascendants to continue levelling up by spending their hard earned essence. Check out POWERS INFO NEWLEVEL for more information.

For every 5 levels you gain, you’ll earn a perk point that you can then spend for additional abilities. These abilities can be seen by using PERKS LIST.

On top of this, you’ll now gain essence for just being active within Lusternia. You’ll gain 100,000 essence for each hour of just being around and doing stuff, so you’ll be gaining essence just doing the things you love to do! The essence is awarded once per game year and you’ll receive a message about it, but you can use CONFIG YEARESSMSG OFF to stop receiving that message if you so choose.

With this released, we will be opening up reports in the next few days so get your facts together and consult HELP REPORTWRITING for advice on how to write a report!

We’ll also be getting to work on our Endzone project!

We hope you enjoy!