The Wisdom of Angels

Portents and prophecy had troubled the city of New Celest for some months before the Supernal Elohora’s concern, felt by the Celestine Aeryon, drew citizens of New Celest to the cosmic plane of Celestia. There they found the Supernal Raziela was not where she was expected, though a strange giggling could be heard.

As the Celestians looked about themselves for the laughter’s origin, a strange iridescent dracnari soon manifested amidst smoke and mist. Though the citizens questioned her about Raziela’s whereabouts, the drancari’s replies were enigmatic, as if toying with them. To the relief of all, however, Raziela soon reappeared, tagging the dracnari with a playful laugh. Surprised by the worried crowd that had gathered in her absence, Raziela soon explained that she had merely been playing a game with the dracnari, who had promised the Supernal answers to any question she asked in return.

The iridescent dracnari invited the others present to join the game, offering them an answer for each time they succeeded in finding her. The Celestians agreed, though many doubted the dracnari’s intentions, and Romaan in particular took up resolute guard beside the Loving Radiance.

A game of hide and seek ensued across the lands of Celestia. Tridemon, Aknarin, Aeral and Mjoll each found the disguised dracnari in turn, finding her as a cherub, then an angel, a deva, and an archangel. It was again Tridemon who discovered her in her final shape – she had switched places with Raziela herself.

Their victory assured, the citizens conferred together to determine what question the finders would ask, each in turn. First the True Dragon revealed herself as Mamira Shika, the Tranquil Truth, and she warned New Celest of the imminent arrival of the mature dragons that had previously wreaked havoc elsewhere in the Basin of Life. Before the True Dragon could depart, the Supernal Raziela claimed her final question, for indeed the Loving Radiance had been the first to find the dracnari. With this, the dracnari mentioned that the mature dragons wished to achieve Yugomaru.

Armed with the warning and clues of Mamira Shika, the Supernals urged the citizens to learn all they could of the previous draconic meddlings within the Basin, while they took counsel to determine the wisest course of action.

Less than a month later, the citizens of New Celest were once again summoned to Celestia, where the united Supernals outlined their intentions. New Celest would welcome the emissaries when they arrived, but they would also prepare for treachery by blessing the relics of the saints that had long defended the guilds from the ravages of the timequakes. First the Acolyte Yuleshka requested ingredients for a new incense, which Tridemon lit to bless the Thalassos of the Sanctifiers. In return, the Thalassos provided a phial of seawater, which Qoivhae used to bless the Ecclesiarchy’s Tears of Saint Tresalyne. When blessed, the Tears emitted a ray of light that revealed a secret passage to the Starry Grotto, and a memory pearl that had been deposited there by the waves.

After consultation with Professor Shervalian, the pearl was placed within the Pool of Celestial Bodies; the water elemental that dwells within the pool was summoned in the form of the long dead Empress Sinenth I, speaking of the Empress’s ascension during the Nature Wars and of the krokani paladin, Anatolyi Paavik, who underwent unification to become the Dawn’s Promise. The discovery of the saint’s race caught Professor Shervalian off guard, and she and Yanitone Symfale spoke together excitedly of this new discovery which had been long buried by imperial historians. The Empress’s memories contained further knowledge, however; the Saint of the Dawn’s Promise possessed two relics, one which the Archons already owned in the form of the Shards of Morning’s Absolution, but the other – the Broom of Dawn’s Promise – had been returned to his family, whom Yanitone had traced to the Grey Moors.

To the Grey Moors went the citizens, and Tridemon soon tracked the broom to Mother Olya, keeper of the Mysterious Menagerie. Mother Olya was reluctant to part with an item of such important historical significance to the krokani, particularly to the city who had long neglected to remember the Saint’s name and race. Both Gabe and Tridemon prevailed upon her to at least lend it to the city, promising solemnly that they would return it once the urgent need had passed. Mother Olya held them to that promise.

Upon their return to the city of New Celest, Gabe wielded the Broom of Dawn’s Promise triumphantly before the Shards of Morning’s Absolution, and all witnessed the blessing of the three relics united, spreading over the city. Light essence was used to further empower the broom to better channel these combined forces, and then, all that was left to do was wait for the emissaries’ arrival.

The new year came, and with it, the emissaries arrived in the form of two colourless, arrogant dracnari. King Aknarin and Yinuish received the pair and brought them to Celestia, where the dracnari soon became agitated in the face of the serene demeanour of Elohora herself. They demanded that the Supernals tell them how to gain power and “become Time,” and when the Lady of Eternal Light could not give them this wisdom, they abandoned all pretence of civility. Hissing a warning, the emissaries fled Celestia to vent their ire upon the city in their draconic forms along with three of their fellows.

The city, however, was ready for them. The empowered relics combined to repel the initial onslaught of the dragons, forcing them to part ways and focus their destruction on individual districts of the city. Taking arms, King Aknarin brought the broom of the Dawn’s Promise to bear, driving each of them off in turn and restoring peace to the city. At last overcome, the dragons fled from the Light’s courage and might, swearing vengeance.

Yet all was not quite done. Each guild learned that such use of the relics had left a lasting effect upon them, revealing visions that spoke to each holy item’s significance. As for the Broom of Dawn’s Promise, it was returned to Mother Olya after completing its sacred duty, for New Celest had given her their word. Many hoped, however, it would return to the city of Saint Anatolyi Paavik once more. And perhaps one day, it shall.