Farewell Ianir!

Hello everybody,

I am stepping down as producer of Lusternia as of midnight March 1st. Instead of waxing poetic on this point, I’m going to keep things succinct. I will still be around in the background assisting with code, issues, and other aspects of the game, but I will no longer be acting as the main point of support for the game.

In my place, Aonia will be stepping up as the Producer of Lusternia. I will let her say what she wants regarding that instead of putting words in her mouth. This appointment was at my recommendation, and given how much she’s done for Lusternia both in the spotlight and behind the scenes, I do believe she is possibly the best fit at this time for the position.


Orael and I want to thank Ianir for all the incredible work he has done for Lusternia over the years. He has been a lynchpin for us in Havens, both as Producer and Assistant Producer before that, and we know he will continue to be invaluable to the team behind the scenes.

This change of staff does not represent any great shift in Lusternia, or its future. Our aim is to ensure that everything continues as it has been, because the past few months – we hope you’ll agree – have been a reinvigorating, exciting time for our community. A huge amount of which is down to your enthusiasm for the game and love for one another!

The only difference we want to mention is one that we need you to help with. We know that for many people, messaging Ianir is a common method of getting help, or answers to questions, or similar. As such we would like to ask that from now on, if you find yourself thinking of messaging Ianir, you follow alternative channels. That might be submitting a bug report, filing an issue, emailing support@lusternia.com – whatever is most appropriate for your problem.

Thank you all for your continued support, and to our incredible volunteers for their relentlessly hard work.

Aonia & Orael