March is the Month of Learning!

The month of March is the month of change and learning! Free classflexing throughout the month will enable to you to try new classes or skillsets while adventuring within the Basin!

For those of you just getting into Lusternia, or even those of you ready to try something new, you can purchase lessons at discounted rates.

Also, you can select artifact packages designed to help you get a head start in your new class. Select from the Bard, Mage/Druid, Guardian/Wiccan or Monk/Warrior packages for some specific class rune needs or check out the Vitals packages for utility and survivablity boosts!

If you want to take full advantage of classflexing, see our Ultimate Classflexing Artifact Package!

Additionally, we’ll be running Tzaraziko’s Unexpected Thursdays, which will give everyone a 25% boost in critical hits every thursday throughout the entire month!

See for details!