An Eye For An Eye

To the rest of the Basin, it was a day as calm as any other. In the Serenwilde Forest, however, the Bloom of Serenity’s careful plans were about to reach completion. One of Maylea’s followers was tasked with infiltrating Nocht, the Silent’s temple in search of a precious artifact – the Eye of Dynara. Using the magics within a stolen shroud belonging to one of the Silent’s own, the Maylean was able to cross over the planes and directly into one of the deepest parts of His temple, bringing along a single other companion.

Guided from afar by Maylea, the two came to locate the Eye, secreted away in a rift by Nocht, but they lost the shroud in the process as they fell in to a trap: Prying the artifact free immediately drew the attention of the Silent. At first, trapped, only one of them could be rescued by Maylea through great effort on behalf of the Goddess, carrying the artifact away from Nocht’s realm. However, without the Eye of Dynara, Nocht’s ability to manage His wounds suffered a further blow. Without it, Nocht’s strength weakened just enough for Maylea to also snatch the remaining back at the last second.

And so, for now, it appears that the Bloom of Serenity stands victorious. How will the Silent Lord respond? Will He even be able to? What plans does Maylea have for the powerful artifact? Only time will tell.