Solstice Artifacts 2019!

This year’s coal and peppermint artifacts have now been announced! Build yourself a set of peppermint mittens or a coal scarf, granting you the following abilities:

Peppermint Mittens:
1) HOLDHANDS – Hold hands with another person, offering them the calming warmth of your mittens and randomly curing a few afflictions upon their person and healing them slightly. Cost: 4p.
2) TOBOGGAN – Summon an icy sled to send you off in a direction of your choice, barreling through anybody in your way as you ride uncontrolled toward the nearest dead end. Cost: 2p.
3) POMPOM – Pull a pompom from your mittens and throw it into the fray, dealing mild divinus damage and applying blackout and blindness to everybody in the room. Cost: 6p.
4) JAZZHANDS – Wave your hands around in an excited and jovial fashion, afflicting enemies in the room with confusion and stupidity. Cost: 5p.
5) RETRIEVE – Tie together the strings of your mittens and send them off on a journey, retrieving a mutual ally (lust doesn’t count) from an adjacent room ignoring rooting. Cost: 5p.

Coal Scarf:
1) CORDELISSE – Use your scarf as a platform for aerial acrobatics, allowing you to avoid all physical attacks for a short time. This will do nothing against magically sourced attacks. Any actions you perform during this will interupt your cordelisse. Cost: 3p.
2) SENTRY – The scarf around your neck will act as a sentry, watching for danger as you wander throughout the Basin. Should you be attacked unaware, you will be sent flying out to an adjacent room should there be one. Has a cooldown before use after it fires. Cost: 5p.
3) ENGAGE – Wrap your scarf around an opponent, opening them up to a strike should they try to leave. May not engage an already (coal) engaged target. Stacks with warrior engage.
4) TRIPWIRE – Unravel your scarf and use its thread to line an exit with a trap, awaiting a specified target and entangling and proning them when they attempt to leave in that direction. Cost: 5p.
5) GARROTE – Wrap your scarf around another’s neck, dealing a moderate dose of excorable and asphyxiation damage as well as damagedthroat and entangled. Cost: 4p.

You can build these artifacts using coal and peppermint found in gold and platinum stockings. For every 5 normal stockings that you hang – for yourself or others – you will receive a gold or platinum one to be opened on December 25th or New Year’s Day respectively!

Oh, and incase you missed out on the previous years’ artifacts – you can build those with the coal and peppermint from these stockings too!

Happy Solstice, Lusternians.