A Questing Countdown to Solstice!

With Solstice in full swing, each city and commune has a small quest which will award a special Solstice gift upon completion. These quests can be done by anyone from newbie to demigod. Note that you can only gain your own commune or city’s gift!

In New Celest, Helstren, the Harbourmaster seeks kittens in mittens.
In Magnagora, Jinlu Ilithyia seeks rats in hats.
In Serenwilde, Caedir Aormeah seeks fae on a sleigh.
In Glomdoring, Dominique Nightshade seeks beasts of the feast.
In Hallifax, Ansun Fairquillion seeks reindeer of the spheres.
In Gaudiguch, Beloch Baruwski seeks goons with spittoons.

These quests will remain open and available until the 5th January 2020, as will the Solstice Court.