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Archive for November 2019

October 2019 Art-Bard Winners

The October 2019 Artisanal winner, by Gurashi!

Congratulations to our Bardic and Artisanal winners for October! If you’d like a chance to join them for November, make sure you get your submission in by the end of this month. HELP ARTBARD will tell you all you need to know.

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The Haunting is Upon Us!

This Halloween, Lusternia is full of many scary delights for you to enjoy. Don’t miss out – make sure you come and join us for your annual jumpscares!

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A New Wheel for November

This month, the Wheel of Tzaraziko has had a major revamp. Most of the prizes you know have either been shuffled around, been adjusted, or in some cases been removed entirely, to give coins much greater value. Coin spins are different as well – the wheel has been separated into an inner and outer wheel.…

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