The Haunting is Upon Us!

This Halloween, Lusternia is full of many scary delights for you to enjoy. Don’t miss out – make sure you come and join us for your annual jumpscares!

Haunted House Open

The Haunted House is now open with lots of attractions provided by the business savvy of Trader Bob and his Merchant Peak’s Coterie. A wide selection of costumes can be purchased within in addition to a slew of activities available to enjoy: pumpkin carving, a unique vengeance game, a maze with may mysteries, bobbing for apples, fortune readings, haunted furniture, spooky refreshments, and a spooky play retelling the story of the Vernal Goddesses known as the Hearth Sisters and the cities they rose from in the times of Vernal Wars. Show starts every midnight!

If you happen upon an odd doorway hanging in the middle of the air, be wary! Knock upon it only if you dare! The Oracle of the Earthburner herself has cursed the Haunted House and the Basin at large.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything the Coterie has prepared a Haunting Adventure to guide you through all of the activities. Be sure to pick up a pamphlet at the door. The Haunted House is located on the Stair of Death on Avechna’s Peak and will stay open until the 10th November.

Oh, and keep your eyes out in the lower levels of the Mansion for something…unexpected.

Anniversary Vengeance Winners

The Haunting is the perfect time for a vigorous game of vengeance – the parlour game of deception and horrors lurking in the depth of the night. The game played at the Haunted House is set in the times of the Vernal Wars and tells the tale of the Il’eredir tribe of practitioners of hearthcraft who have been infiltrated by a group of conjurers.

Eighteen players entered the game and only three walked out victorious. The fate of the game hung on the actions of few as tribesman after tribesman were picked off during the night. In the end, the tribe was victorious and the foul conjurers were banished.

Congratulations to Errente, Vatul, and Xis – members of the tribe – who have been awarded the prize of 500 credits split among the three of them.