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Archive for September 2017

Trialante and the Woodbine Lyceum

The sound of sparrows graced the Serenwilde forest in the month of Kiani, 484 years after the Coming of Estarra. The brown and silver birds flew in flocks across the forest skies and attracted the attention of a number of Serens. Curious about the unusual visitation, Serens fanned out to try to find the birds.…

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Love on the Rocks

Wedding bells rang discordantly across the Basin of Life, announcing in a celebratory dirge-like fashion the joining of a viscanti woman to an orclach man. But the supposed marital bliss was short-lived as Hethklyff Ruag took his newly-wedded bride to her new home. Caithryn Ruag’s shrill, dissatisfied shrieking could pierce of the veil of death…

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