Flocking to the Swan Song

An errant cloud drifting uncontrolled on a breeze revealed Hathi Aves, Warden of the Swans, and his young son, Taelo Aves, a pair of trill dedicated to tending the Clarramore’s swan flock. Their portion of the Clarramore Cloud Gardens was set adrift and recently reunited with the estate properly. In his travels, Hathi Aves found a mysterious shard that he swore could hear the swans’ innermost thoughts.

Emeritus Ayisdra Ysav’rai was the first to discover the cloud bearing the flock and committed his time to unlock this mystery. Trekking far and wide, his first steps were riddled with unknowns. Eager to assist, the Winter Orchid, Anita Zayah, offered her help as well. Meanwhile, the Sublime Opus Nelras and Aficionado Xeii Shevat delved more into the Aves’ and swans’ backgrounds by conversing with Taelo, who mentioned the family’s penchant for keeping swans since the departing of their beloved Jilai Clarramore.

Soon it became evident the swans held more knowledge than their shy and demure countenances would imply. Normally mute, swans only release their songs on the point of death in gorgeous clarion notes of beauty and power. However, Emeritus Ayisdra’s efforts coaxed a musical tale from the Clarramore flock, a story hidden behind their eyes. Upon realizing the connection to Lord Crys, the Keeper of Song whose crystalline talents flow through the Symphonium, Nelras, the current Opus, called upon all Symphonists to witness what might come next. A wise decision before the historical discovery to come.

With the masterful assistance of Marquis Falmiis Shevat, the group gathered by the humble and quaint swan pond unlocked the final mystery. The audience basked in the unleashed duet of Crys and Jilai, revealing secrets and personal memoirs unknown to mortals in centuries.

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