Towers of the Magi

In late Dioni 466 a croaking voice was heard emanating from the Undervault tunnels under the Razine Mountains, calling out to Professor Pheslida Pheeif-Zluush that he was looking to bring her the requested supplies. Yarith Shevat of Hallifax was the first to join the Professor and meet Oblo Bllem, whose still heavily laden wheelbarrow indicated that Professor Pheeif-Zluush was not his last stop. As more people arrived to offer their assistance, Oblo Bllem explained that he wished to meet Archmage Shervalian of Nyalia, in hopes of building further upon the research done there in the days of the Empire.

Oblo was swiftly escorted before the Archmage, where his companions were soon joined by numerous Hallifaxians. While the Archmage was somewhat hesitant, the combined arguments of the mugwump and the Hallifaxians eventually persuaded him to allow excavation of the ancient ruined towers of the mages of earth, fire and air, in the hopes that some of their research might yet be recoverable.

Though Tylwyth, the Keeper of the Black Nest, appeared most interested in propositioning the working merians, the rest of the brave adventurers set to work with a will, soon clearing the rubble from the tower entrances. The adventurers were quick to explore the towers, the first beings to enter the ruins in centuries. Despite some structural instability temporarily preventing their leaving the ruins once more, the towers were soon stabilized, although several adventurers commented on their sorry state.

All was not well between the Archmage and Oblo Bllem, however. Left to his own devices, Oblo managed to offend the Archmage with his disregard for the dangers the gorgogs posed, and the Archmage ordered him off the island. The mugwump did not go far. Unloading his wheelbarrow, he soon set up quarters for himself in the southeastern corner of Bondero Bay. It was here that Falmiis Shevat and Zyphora Windwhisper found him and agreed to serve as his intermediaries, now that he could no longer visit Nyalia himself.

The pair swiftly gathered the necessary materials for a catalyst that Oblo hoped would allow him to release the gorgogs’ memories. It took several of the probes before Oblo had refined his technique, but once he had, Falmiis, Zyphora and Oblo were able to watch the gorgog’s memories of a visit to Shallamar in centuries past. While pleased with his success, Oblo Bllem was disappointed in its limited scope, and began to think of how he might refine his process for the future. Whether his efforts to use the gorgogs to discover new planes will be successful, remains to be seen.

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