A Skunk by Any Other Name

The Great Spirit Skunk chose a quiet day for his return to Faethorn. Perhaps it was indeed that quietness that attracted his mischievous nature, or something entirely different, but the serene spell was broken the moment a skunk paraded through the famous Faethorn baths. Practicioners of Wicca and those skilled with Totems could sense the disturbance immediately and rushed to the spa to find the despairing Margie Shimmerwing at the check-in desk.

Just as Margie began to explain her predicament, the waterfall supplying the baths being befouled and the fae smelling worse than Gorgulu’s upper-left armpit, a revolt broke out upon the Prime Plane and the majority of her helpers rushed off to put out yet another fire. Left with but Dylara Stormcrow, Margie beseeched her to request Dandelion Sweatpease’s help in dealing with the skunk frolicking upon Faethorn. The effort was joined by Asmodea Kamau and, for the sake of the fae, a temporary truce was agreed upon between the two women.

As they worked, more people trickled into Faethorn, notably Crek Ysav’rai and Scanlan Stormcrow, both of whom provided assistance throughout the endeavour: Scanlan with his mastery of honeycakes, and Crek with his mastery of foul odours. Once a clever trap was devised with Dandelion’s help and the skunk has been dealt with, the Great Spirit Skunk himself has made an appearance. Those questioning his motives for turning his attention to Faethorn now did not receive satisfactory answers, but the little skunk has found a new home in Maeve’s Gardens.

Upon the urging of those gathered, Dandelion gathered up the courage to visit Margie and tell her of his accomplishment himself, and so began a heart-warming, if awkward, courtship between the two while others busied purifying the waterfall and bringing the fae in for a thorough scrubbing.

It is almost certain that the Great Spirit will continue to play tricks upon his new home.

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