Of Mists and Squonks

Joy filled the skies upon Maylea, the Bloom of Serenity’s return to the Basin, yet happiness is not all that was revealed upon Her return. Trailing Maylea on Her journey through the Void was an odd mist that lurked just outside of Her perception, waiting. As the sky was torn open by the combined efforts of the Darvellan, the Navigator, and Isune, the Aesthete, more than just Maylea and the half-formed She battled was released. Seeping out from within the rift opened by the two Elders was a strange haze that silently settled upon the Basin. Swept away on a cool breeze, the fog quickly faded, and the Elders returned to Their battle. Following Their victory, and Maylea’s safe return to the Serenwilde, Darvellan took to the north, trailing the mists, and would not come to be seen for some days.

Before the Navigator would return to the Basin of Life, the mists had their own plan. Less than a month since they were first seen, the mists filled the sky, reaching to all corners of the Basin as tendrils of the haze spread through the air, though nothing appeared to have come from this strange occurence. Days later, a dark cloud would come to rise over the Caoimhe Dell, drawing many to the elfen who inhabited it. Fog gathered and churned over the Dell as a putrid stench filled the air, quickly followed by the desparate cries of the elfen who call it home. Many quickly gathered as Radella called to them for help. Radella notified those gathered that the squonks had mysteriously awoken from their slumber and had taken to attacking the residents of the Caoimhe. With no other idea of where to turn, Radella sent those gathered to the Wydyr for help.

Gathering in the Wydyr, Xenthos, Celina, Eliron, Maligorn, Tremula, Viynain and Lerad were quick to interrogate, taking to the various residents of the Glade. Speaking with the Dowager, Rhianna, and even Cythrawl produced no information about the strange happenings, yet Cythrawl sent these adventurers to seek the problem itself: the squonks. Throwing back a few stout drinks, many went searching for the squonks, yet it was Xenthos who would stumble across one first. The squonk went into a rampage, and Xenthos was able to scoop it up and take it back to Cythrawl. Returning the fae to the redcap still provided no clue as to why it was acting so strangely, until the mists began to thicken. Suddenly, the fae of the Wydyr cried out, and Cythrawl himself became violent, attacking the adventurers as they made futile attempts at questioning him. As his fit faded, Cythrawl did not recall any of what had occurred, and the adventurers sought out Rhianna for answers.

Rhianna knew even less about the squonks, only that they needed to be removed. Rhianna wishes a peaceful attempt at sealing the fae away, but the nightshade berry bush would not produce fruit for the Dowagers draught. In desperation, as frost grew over her skin, Rhianna bid the adventurers to slay the squonks to end the frenzy they had been stirred into. Hesitantly, the squonks were slain, and the mists began to retract from the Glade, leaving Rhianna with no memory of what had happened. The mists were then sucked back through the spring, into the Dell, where Jadyn Treeheart would assist those gathered in finding the last of the squonks and ridding the Basin of their foul stench.

With the squonks subdued, and the fae of the Wydyr regaining control of themselves, the mists recoiled, but not without lashing out with one final strike. As the Basin recovered from the attack, the mists were gone, and silence returned to the air once more.

Viynain, curious of where the mists returned to, headed north to the Icewynd, and the mists began to settle about him once more. Curious, Viynain began to question the residents of the Icewynd, who mentioned strange occurrences that had been unfolding. Oddly, the trill tribes seemed to be protected by the Ice Angels they followed, yet the Forsaken had been subjected to the power of the haze that filled the air. Struggling with what all of this could mean, Viynain shouted at the odd presence that lingered just at the edge of vision. Not pleased with this act of defiance, the mists claimed Viynain’s form, taunting him with his very own words before letting him go once more to return to his home with word of what had occurred.

This was the last that was heard of the mists for some days. Had they finally settled within the Icewynd? Would they return?

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