Of Frost Spite and Snowcats

Nearly a month passed before the strange mists that escaped during Maylea’s return would come to be seen once more. Without warning, a foul storm began to form over the Northern Mountains, sending hail raining down the mountainsides. Awoken by the strange weather, the Frost Spite rose over Mount Wend, his temper stirred by the miasma above. With no apparent reasoning behind it, the Frost Spite called upon the snowcats that filled the mountain he resided on, sending them to seek blood wherever they may come across it. The gates north of the orphanage blasted open, and the snowcats stampeded down the mountain and out into the highways, seeking out their prey.

While the herd was enormous, their distance from Mount Wend did not afford them the protection offered by their usual guardian Semau, and many took to slaying them. While Xenthos of the Glomdoring, Tremula of Magnagora, and Viynain of Gaudiguch took to the streets, others quickly took to the mountainside. Mayhem would continue to rain down upon the Basin as the Frost Spite continued his volley of attacks, sending more and more of the beasts upon those who would seek to defy him.

Upon Mount Wend, many gathered, yet it wasn’t until Seniki Brokenhorn cried out for help that any had a hint at stopping the Frost Spite’s mayhem. Seniki was Semau’s now dead wife, and she had a plan for stopping the Frost Spite’s attack. Shedrin was the first to seek out Seniki, yet many would soon follow, and she pleaded with those gathered for assistance. Seniki urged everyone to seek out her husband’s cloak in hopes that he would remember his former life, and in time, the key to its hiding place would come to be found. Maligorn, of Hallifax, opened the chest containing the lost cloak, but Seniki did not feel that would be enough. She then urged Maligorn to help the spirits of the mountainside rest so that they too could help her husband remember what once was.

Maligorn would stumble across few spirits upon the mountain, and the Frost Spite rang out joyously. The spirit of the mountain soon gave thanks to his unlikely ally, Xenthos, who killed off the spirits before Maligorn was able to reach them. Unwilling to accept this fate, Seniki turned to the Orphanage and its priest Denthon to recover the spirits from their eternal torment. Denthon, with the assistance of a pair of the Celestians gathered, called to Saint Gathlyn and the Supernals, calling upon the power of the Light to help put these souls to rest. A beam of light shot to the sky as they trio bowed their heads, and the Frost Spite screamed out in agony as the spirits began to appear upon Mount Wend once more.

Maligorn quickly assisted the spirits with departing to the afterlife, and the cloak upon his back began to grow. Returning this to Seniki, she was finally able to move on herself, and bid that Maligorn help her husband do so as well. Returning the cloak to Semau, the taurian regained his memory once more, but it was for naught. The Frost Spite, who taunted all from above, was soon trapped within the very tool he once used, and the storm above the mountain began to fade.

Semau, a loyal tool, bid those gathered to awaken his master once more, but none would assist. With one final desperate attempt, the mists attacked the mind of all within the Basin, and as they would come to regain their vision, the mists had departed once more.

Silence would fill the Basin for a couple of months, yet the mists would not idle for long.

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