Of Manteekan and Glomdoring

After nearly two months of silence, and the sky free of the haze, a cool breeze blew over the Basin, and a fine mist stretched over the sky. Preparing themselves for the worst, each city and commune armed themselves for another battle, yet strangely, the mists did not move, resigned to lingering in the air tauntingly out of reach. Numerous fae began to act strangely, including a banshee that found herself within the Serenwilde. Shivering and wailing, the banshee stumbled before the Moonhart, where Urdnot and Barrin had gathered. Curious of why this fae was there, they poked at her for answers, yet answers would not come. Instead, the banshee lashed out at the pair who resisted her attacks, making no attempt to stop the fae.

Crying out to the forest, the banshee reached into the mists that filled the air and her cries worsened. With new strength, the banshee lashed out once more until, finally, Feyr would come to rid it of its life. Curious about the actions of this fae, Barrin and Urdnot rushed to Maeve to inquire about the actions of the fae. Maeve alerted the adventurers to the strange mists, and she noted that up until they had settled that day, none of the Faethorn had been affected. Noticing that the fae of both Moon and Night were not harmed by this mist, Maeve bid them to bind the fae until the mists had faded, fearing for their well-being and the safety of the Faethorn.

Days later, a frost settled over the Glomdoring, weighing heavy upon the trees and creatures that dwelled within. The Forest, used to the more temperate environment they had lived in for so long, worried for what might unfold, yet Viravain watched and waited, laying out traps for whatever may occur. Days later, Brultk Thornblood would cry out, filling the sky above the commune with a fine spray of blood. A murder of crows took to the sky and had only settled when the residents of the forest would come across the fae. Brultk acted strangely, violently, and mocked those gathered. Brultk hopped about with a sinister grin upon his face and murmured a single word, “Soon.” Still inquisitive, the people of Glomdoring continued to question the fae, yet not much more was to be gathered before a dark storm began to churn within the skies.

Viravain and Nocht quickly took to the Master Ravenwood to prepare those gathered for whatever may come. Within the sky above the forest, a pale figure began to coalesce amongst the fog, and two pale eyes sprung open. A bone rattling whispers followed the appearance of these two icy orbs, and it called out for its children. Viravain and Nocht steadied the Glomdoring as overhead, Manteekan, the Terror, appeared amidst the storm. Curious as to why His fae would not obey Him, Manteekan settled into the forest, where He came across Nocht and Viravain. Turning to the Goddess, Manteekan ran His hand over Her golden locks and urged Her to join Him as His side. Viravain recoiled, and Manteekan leaned in closer, planting a single icy kiss upon Her cheek and warned Her to behave, resulting in the Goddess backhanding the Traitor in response.

Nocht took to Viravain’s side as Manteekan rubbed the assault from His face, and Viravain sent a swarm of crows flying at Him. Batting the birds to the side, Manteekan tugged upon the miasma above Him, pulling the mists down about Viravain and Nocht until They were bound in the haze. With one final warning, Manteekan urged the Elders not to struggle, and then with a wave of His hand, froze the two within the fog. Seemingly victorious, Manteekan rose above the Forest once more and urged His creations to take to His side. Slaugh, redcap, and barghest soon rose to His side, yet the Forest tugged urgently back. Seeing the struggle, Manteekan called out to the Glomdoring, warning them against their actions, and pulled more urgently upon the mists that surrounded Him.

With a final rush of power, Manteekan churned the miasma above the forest, and soon the slaughs, redcaps, and barghests were joined by a swarm of other fae, including the Frost Spite, who made the journey from Mount Wend. His army growing, the shadows that tethered them to the forest began to spin about them all, and soon Manteekan was cocooned in the mass of penumbral matter. Viravain and Nocht freed Themselves from Manteekan’s icy confines, feigning a weakness They did not possess, and sprung Their trap upon the Elder. The Forest launched a volley of vines and shadows into the sky which intertwined with the haze that gathered about Him. Viravain and Nocht rose above the Forest, taunting the Traitor for His foolishness and arrogance, and Manteekan struggled against the trap, only worsening the web that formed about Him. Soon Manteekan was sealed away amidst a cocoon of ice and vines, and the Elders opened a portal in the sky to the Ethereal, where They sealed Him away.

The icy prison formed a bore within Ethereal Glomdoring where a pillar of ice and vines rose. Unbeknownst to the Elders, the prison was mirrored within the Wydyr, as Nocht would soon come to find out. The Glomdoring gathered at the prison as Viravain and Nocht taunted Their prisoner. Both would soon leave, urging the Glomdoring to remain vigilant in their watch of the Traitor that dwelled within.

Deep within the ice, shadows and vines wrap around the Elder’s pallid frame as haze and whispers fill the room about it. Will Manteekan survive the torment the Wyrd has in store? How will the Glomdoring change with a Traitor within their midst? Many questions fill the icy air of the prison, and only the pale eyes that stare outward from within may hold the answer.

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