Spirit Groundhog in the Blasted Land

Early in the month of Dioni, the tae’dae Theodorous Rosefelt set out into the Basin in search of a specific rodent. He had heard that a rodent hunt had just finished, and had hopes that someone had seen the one he was looking for. Not long after he set out, he happened upon some members of Serenwilde, who he asked about the rodent hunt. After further questioning on both sides, he revealed that, according to the tales passed down through his family, an old prophecy from Magnagora, pre-dating the taint, foretold that the shrine and following of the Spirit of Groundhog would be lost, but would arise once more. Theodorous felt that recent events matched the tales, and so was looking for this lost shrine. With the help of Lilian and Sondayga, he discovered that what he sought was nowhere to be found.

Left alone for a spell with Sondayga, discussing a journal that was also passed down through his family, they thought to try the Blasted Land, where they happened upon the gravediggers there getting excited about a new find. Sondayga quickly lay waste to the gravediggers, and discovered that they had found a tunnel leading down to the very shrine Theodorous was looking for. Together, the two went into the shrine to explore it, finding an unusual statue along the way. Sondayga was able to undo the nature of the statue, freeing Glinthor Rockpaw, who Theodorous believed to be the sole follower of the Spirit of Groundhog that did not flee from the taint.

Glinthor was obviously insane, having spent so long imprisoned in the statue, but he immediately set about to summon the Spirit of Groundhog, which Sondayga and Theodorous assisted in doing, spending a couple days performing the necessary tasks. Glinthor was able to successfully summon the Spirit of Groundhog, but instead of it being a joyous moment, the Spirit fled from the tainted shrine, warning all present not to summon him or perform any rituals. Theodorous warned the others to pay heed to these words, and departed from the shrine, wanting nothing more to do with Glinthor and his rituals. Sondayga, along with Barrin and Avurekhos who had joined up with him by then, continued to press on, however, and unwittingly assisted Glinthor in summoning tainted, zombified groundhogs, who invaded the Blasted Land.

Theodorous, after reminding them that he had told them so, suggested that there might be a way to redeem themselves, and dispel the summoned zombified groundhogs. The same rituals would need to be performed, in the same order, but in Tolborolla, away from the Blasted Land. Sondayga, Barrin, and Avurekhos worked to aide in this, that the zombified groundhogs might be removed from the Basin. They succeded, and Sondayga was able to redeem himself. They all three agreed to help Theodorous guard against Glinthor summoning the zombified groundhogs again by keeping a watchful eye on the journal of rituals.

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