Code Yellow in Hallifax

“A Code Yellow anomaly has been detected within the Centre for Aeromantic Engineering,” the cold, monotonous voice of the Collective announced, breaking the usual silence of the City of Hallifax. Mobilizing to the Centre, Kialkarkea Diodorus made a quick sweep of the tower. Soon, she discovered that the statue recently discovered during the War of the Wheel had begun to move. Primus Lawliet Letara of the Institute arrived to investigate, using aeonics to catch strange glimpses of a strange machine and an even stranger ship flying in the clouds. Joined later by Entrias of the Centre, they patiently waiting as the statue moved more and more. First a finger, than and arm, the tap of a foot, the twisting of a torso and then the statue came alive. Displaced from the timeline, the statue’s words were nearly indecipherable as they streamed backward in time but those assembled quickly learned that the statue required an equipment room.

Leading the statue to the Lyceum of Eudiometrics, the statue quickly tore apart the weather manipulation equipment he found there. Using the parts, along with building materials gathered from those present and a three million gold research grant funded by Entrias, the strange trill statue constructed an odd machine in order to anchor himself to the present timeline. His work done, he called on those assembled to bring cloud essence from the Elemental Plane of Air to power the equipment. Hallifaxians scoured the planes, led by Keeper Ushaara Gordian, until powerful elemental energies raged within the machine. With the final essence, the machine tore open in a blast of twisted metal and stone, releasing a vortex of fluctuating energies within the lab. The strange statue crumbled in the shockwave, the marble and crystal pieces sucked into the icy vortex and destroyed.

Barely hesitating, the Aeromancers dove into the planar rift torn open by the vortex, transversing to a zeppelin flying high above the Neverending Airstream. To their surprise, they found the statue, now in the form of Zedlon Windwhisper, waiting for them. Rather than restoring his failing memory as he had hoped, anchoring himself to the timeline had instead destroyed Zedlon’s memories as they aligned with a future that would never come to be after the defeat of the Time Dames. As Avechna, the Avenger called for mortals to come for the Trial of Harmony, Zedlon dismissed the Aeromancers so that he may have time to grieve for his lost memories. Coming to terms with his new life, Zedlon pledged to those Aeromancers who returned after the Trial that he would use his few remaining memories and his knowledge of Aerochemantic Engineering to protect the Collective from the dark future in which he had once lived. Inviting others who wished to follow his path to learn from him, he taught the science of aerochemantics to the Aeromancers. The first to take up the skills of the Aerochemantic Engineer was Kyethian Letara, learning the arts of war from a time when the nexii had been destroyed.

Soaring high above the Elemental Plane of Air, the Ionic Conductor waits to teach all those who would defend the Collective.

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