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Archive for December 2012

A Balloon to Remember

In the warmth of early Dvarsh, 343 CE, a hot air balloon rising from an island in the Inner Sea encountered some difficulty and crashed to the sea. The balloonist, a half-trill with only vestigial wings named Sepehr Skytamer, was soon located by Xenthos An’Ryshe, Eritheyl Zayah, Lawliet Letara, Squire Suspira, and Saoirse Kissane. Members…

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A Future Changed?

With a quiver the statue of marble and coral, bearing the likeness of a strange and outlandish merian, began to move. With a quiver the attention of the Aquamancers and soon all of New Celest was drawn to the Spires of Aquamancy, and with a quiver of her hands and feet and soon her face,…

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New Celest and Conquering Angkrag

As the month of Klangiary began, the sounds of warfare arose near the village of Rockholm. Shouts rose up as Queen Ethilwen’s guards rushed to defend their homeland, easily repelling the invading skeletons and undead. As she shouted for Rockholm to recognize her as Queen and come to her aid, a separate force of skeletons…

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The Last of the Mysterious Doors

The City of Hallifax rang with warnings of the Code Black anomaly that had manifested in the Centre for Aeromantic Engineering in the form of a strange door. For many months, the Aeromancers collected cloudy essence in an effort to stabilise the temporal anomaly. In the end, the entire city scoured the planes for essence…

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That Which Lies Beneath

Worker’s hammers pounded beneath the City of Gaudiguch as the Grand Cipher, Dys Mzithrei was seen speaking with Mysrai, the Thousand Hands before the Lava Falls. Robed figures slipped to and from the Living Heart of the Eternal Flame in the wake of this conversation, moving with a strange purpose. The Illuminati spoke little of…

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