The Last of the Mysterious Doors

The City of Hallifax rang with warnings of the Code Black anomaly that had manifested in the Centre for Aeromantic Engineering in the form of a strange door. For many months, the Aeromancers collected cloudy essence in an effort to stabilise the temporal anomaly. In the end, the entire city scoured the planes for essence as emissaries of New Celest lent their aid to opening the door, sending elemental and temporal energies whirling through the skies around Hallifax. With the Sentinel Company standing by to deal with any dangerous anomalies, Aeromage Vashner De’Unnero opened the door upon a strange, washed-out laboratory of strange implements and a statue of a half-breed trill. So went the third door to open, revealing naught but questions and an attractive sculpture.

Next, the Druids of the Blacktalon diligently worked to free the door from its temporal lock. Finally, Mighty Crow took to the skies as the temporal ties unwound and the door revealed a hollow within the Master Ravenwood itself, a bubble from some future time. Standing within was a petrifried tree, alone and aloof from the grey roots that surrounded it. Thus, the fourth door was released.

Within the Tower of the Geomancers, the door frozen in time was filled with the oily tainted essence of earth. Black clouds converged over Magnagora illuminated by brief flashes of crimson lightning as the door was released from its temporal field. A laboratory filled with equipment that was far beyond the current understanding of geomancers was unearthed as well as a statue of a viscanti with strange devices embedded in his flesh. So came about the revelations of the fifth door.

Finally, the mysterious door within the Pyramid of the Pyromancers was finally melted with the essence of fire, releasing it from its temporal bondage. Purple clouds blossomed over the City of Gaudiguch as a new room from a remote future roared into existence. Within the chamber leached of colour was the statue of a dracnari resting on a stone cushion surrounded by mystic implements of an unknown nature. And with that ended the opening of the mysterious doors.

So came about six revelations out of time, from a future that may one day be or may never manifest, a paradox so profound that it may alter the face of Lusternia forever.

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