An Undiscovered Country: The Icewynd Commeth!

From the Northern Mountains, strong winds blew in, carrying clusters of crimson clouds. The angry red clouds coalesced into a massive storm over the Basin of Life. Within the clouds, enormous ruby red eyes can occasionally be seen amidst the crimson lighting that leapt from cloud to cloud. From the eye of the storm, an enormous bolt of lightning crashed down into the Avechna Teeth, striking the crystal left by the Guardians of the Icewynd, shattering it into many fragments. Icy-blue light erupted amid the sounds of monstrous roars echoing from mountain range to mountain range. The storm suddenly died as quickly as it came.

As a new prophesy was discovered that led to another Quatrain from the Verses of Magnora, a snowy presence rose up in Mount Wend, a whirling storm of snow and ice, with flashes of yellowed fangs and black eyes. Before leaving across the Northern Mountains, the presence cried, “I am the Frost Spite and I hear the call! I honour the pact! The treasure I have given years ago was used in the one Great War and now another. The battle has begun!”

Later a glowing female form rose up from the Shallamurine Cathedral, surrounded by a nimbus of coruscating power. It was none other than Marani Veloske, the twisted undead priestess. She too left over the Northern Mountains, crying out just before she left, “The contract has almost been concluded! When asked those few decades ago, I have given what was I have guarded for so many years. And now I go to claim the prize! To war! To war!”

As mortals investigated the blasted site of the crystal sphere, they soon found the entire range of the Avechna Teeth were plagued by ice devils. Some of these devils carried shards from the now destroyed crystal sphere. Following the lead of the latest Quatrain, it was remembered the start of the incursion of ice devils began with a failed experiment from the lucidian scientist, Atrian Lerit’r of the Arthar’rt Observatory. (See Event 220, et seq.) Atrian Lerit’r was able to tune his teleporting device using the shards of the crystal sphere gathered from the ice devils. This allowed the device to open a portal to its point of origin.

Thus, mortals from the Basin of Life were first able to travel to the Icewynd, an ancient land that housed the lost city of Climanti. What secrets are to be unearthed are just beginning to be discovered…

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