A Storm of Blood

For several months, prophesies have led to the unearthing of the new quatrains from the Verses of Magnora, but what these dire foretellings could mean was a cipher to scholars of the Basin of Life. Then, without warning, a storm of red clouds blew in from the north, ruby red eyes flashing among the crimson lightning bolts. An enormous bolt of crimson lightning comes crashes down from the center of the storm, striking the sphere left by the Guardians of the Icewynd and cracking it open. Blood rained from the sky and food turned to ash in the mouth.

More alarming, larva of the ice devils were found swarming around the Guardians’ sphere. Battles broke out across the mountain range of Avechna’s Teeth as the ice devils were finally destroyed. But the sphere which the Guardians had said protected the weather from even worse conditions as a result of the Wounded Sky is broken, bleeding ice-blue light. Will the power of the Giving Tree be enough to protect the Basin of Life?

For now, a disturbing quiet descends as everyone waits to see if it is but a lull in the prophetic storm to come.

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